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I've been behind the camera since 2010 and my love for photographing couples grows considerably each time I work with new clients. It never gets old, love is beautiful and deserves to be documented with consideration and careful storytelling.

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Having two little girls ourselves, my husband and I know how precious those everyday moments are. A moment lives on when you capture it on camera, the same moment you can show your children when they grow up and their children. I believe making photography a priority is priceless. Let's talk about my process...

The Process

I want to get to know you. Let's chat a little and see exactly what your vision is. What location if any do you have in mind? Is there someplace special to your family? Is this just a picture for the girls in the family or will it be you and him, your anniversary photos? Tell me everything and we'll work together to make sure I am a good fit for exactly what you want.

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Yay! We've decided that we are a match made in heaven! Now is the time I will send you a personalized online proposal going over everything we discussed. You can pay your deposit and finalize everything and now we are officially moving forward!

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I know I like to have tons of helpful information before I do something new, so I ensure my clients are well informed before our session. You will receive tons of tips and additionally examples of what to wear to really get the most of our day together. I want you to feel amazing and at ease in front of the camera and I believe my tips help do just that.

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I'll be in touch with you a couple days before your shoot just to remind you of our special day ahead. You can choose if email or a phone call is best for you and I've been known to get on a call just to make sure you don't have any additional questions before our shoot together.


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It's that time! You are prepared and ready and by now we've gotten to know each other a bit. This is your time to shine!

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