I feel like being a stay at home mom and also an entrepreneur is something I’m starting to see as a lot more common now. I don’t know if it’s because it is more common, or if because I do it, now I see it everywhere? Does that make sense? Kinda like once you buy a Toyota Highlander all the sudden you start seeing them EVERYWHERE. There has to be a word for that. But I think it’s pretty amazing.

I love my work. I love building something from the ground up. I love creating and spending hours devising strategies. I love meeting new people from different cities and backgrounds and hearing all their different stories. I love the surprise on people’s face once they realize how much fun they are having at our photoshoot. I love going through all the images and choosing which ones to send. But most of all I LOVE the look on people’s faces or their voice when they get their pictures. Seriously, joy served on a platter guys. Never get’s old.

I also love staying home and being a homemaker. I love being able to wake up every morning and snuggle my sleepy kids in bed for awhile before we go get breakfast. I love being able to decide what we are going to do together all day. I love watching them grow up and taking videos of all these new things. I don’t miss a thing. And I love that.

Is it hard though? Hell yeah. Is it all peaches and cream. No…but nothing worth having is. Yes? Like within the last 1.5 hours I’ve been able to write exactly one sentence in this post because Philomena (12 months) has suddenly decided she doesn’t nap anymore. So while attempting to work, I have gone back and forth from my computer to her room watching my hand turn blue as I’m using it to rub her to sleep. Knees on fire, kneeling next to her crib for 20 minutes at a time. Do I have vodka on standby at my house? Yes, right next to the baby bottles waiting to be cleaned and filled up. I’m not an alchi by any means, I just want you to know that it’s not all ra ra ra…it’s hard and I love it.

That’s kind of my personality. I like to have a lot going on and I really thrive in that type of environment. I took a spot on personality test (TAKE HERE) and I am an Architect. I like to create and build and I am very stimulated by intellectual work, problem solving sort of things. I love to be busy and I love to always be challenged. So this maybe is why I genuinely love how hectic it can get.

Here’s a day in the life today:

6:15am – Wake up to Philomena and Penelope talking to each other. Go get them and hang out in bed for another 30 minutes, they play and I try to get just a little more sleep.

6:45am – Sleep ain’t happening. We all move to the kitchen and I turn on some music and start making breakfast while they take turns tapping me every two seconds for something they “need”.

7:00am – Breakfast! Oatmeal we all eat together.

7:30am – Clean up their mess, get both the girls dressed for the day. We just started using coconut oil for lotion and so every day each of the girls asks to eat it. Every day they say it’s gross. Strange? Penelope usually picks out outfits for her and her sister so I just oil them up and help as needed.

8:00am – Girls are starting to drive me bonkers already so I put them in heavy jackets and send them out in our backyard to play. I start cleaning and then see Penelope feeding her sister gravel. After explaining why we shouldn’t eat rocks as the girls laugh at me, I finish cleaning…just a quick tidy up, no time for fancy!

8:45am – Penelope announces that she is done playing outside and Philomena is crying to come in because apparently she lost a shoe and her toes are freezing. They both run to their playroom and I sit and play pretend kitchen with them.

9:20am – Snack time. We all sit at the table and chat.

9:45am – Philomena’s naptime. I put on Doc Mcstuffins for Penelope and go to put Philomena down to sleep which has been a hit or miss lately. Luckily today she stays asleep and I grab some coffee, pop in some chicken and brussels sprouts and make some rice, and go over a social media plan for the business, check emails, and talk to my hubby for a bit.

10:45am – Philomena is up so we quickly pack our stuff and head to the gym. I always bring a banana and they split it and eat in the car…mostly to make sure Philomena doesn’t have a meltdown at the childcare there.

11:30am – Workout started and after cardio I always stretch. On the way to the gym I had some emails I needed to respond to so I take a minute and respond back quickly.

12:30pm – Pick the girls up from the kids club, Philomena immediately starts screaming when I put on her seatbelt (she hates it) and all the way home we get to hear the joyous noise of baby screaming.

12:45pm – We all sit down for lunch which is the chicken and brussel sprouts I made earlier.

1:30pm – Naptime for both girls. I put Penelope down first and then start putting Philomena down, she falls asleep in my arms and instantly wakes up screaming when I put her in her crib. Ahhhh…joyful 🙂

3:00pm – Philomena is finally sleeping and I have one sentence of my blog post done so far. Write some more, answer some more emails and then hubby is home early today. I go meet him to say hi real quick and then remember, CRAP!, I was supposed to wake up Penelope at 3:30pm.

3:30pm – Penelope wants to snuggle so she is like a little koala bear on me while I’m writing this line. LOVE snuggles from my girls 🙂

4:00pm – Once both girls are up I get them a snack and attempt to be healthy and make myself a green shake. The girls ditch their snack on the table and stand next to me as I’m blending my shake with precious moments eyes, like I starve them of life. I give in and give them my shake and decide fried rice will have to do for me tonight.

4:15pm – Catch up with my sister and tell her some exciting news for the business. We are so busy so it’s so nice to get a quick chat with her.

4:35pm – Phone call with one of my future brides, love her! As I am outside talking to her, cue both my girls smooshing their faces into the glass door, so apparently I don’t forget they are there. Note to self: Windex the crap out of that door tomorrow. This went on for my entire conversation.

For the rest of this post basically I’m going to finish a few things with work, make and eat dinner with the fam, put the girls to sleep and get some work finished before I get ready for bed.

So you see it all works, in I guess an organized fashion? Usually my days are a little more consistent as far as work hours but the beauty of working from home is I get to change that as I please. If my kids are sick that day, or I just want to spend the day with my family or have a date night in with my husband. I am able to do that and still get what I need to get done another day.

Since this ended up being such a long post, in my next post I’ll talk about tips and tricks for the work at home mommas out there.  And if you have any tips for things that help you, please share I would love to try them!



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