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Hello and welcome to my blog! I'm Elizabeth Nwansi, owner of E.N. Weddings and we are based out of Oakley, CA. Grab some coffee and

enjoy our latest work. In addition you'll learn more about me and what I'm passionate about mainly my family, home life and shattering glass ceilings.

A Burger Canyon | California Wedding Cameron and Cheyenne’s wedding in Burger Canyon, CA in theory was supposed to be 106 degree hot. But forgiving winds and a couple degrees below gave us the most perfect setting for their wedding day. When I initially met these two through a video call I KNEW that I…


You know I usually have a plan of what to write, but this just hit me while I was watching TV tonight and so I had jumped up and started writing. It’s something a lot of us suffer from and I’ll be honest, I suffer from it everyday. That shitty voice in your head that…